Saturday, May 22, 2004

Yikes is been a while since I last posted, I promise to get back on this , with at least weekly musings, hopefully more, so check back often!

Yesterday I got my wisdom teeth out, i was on tylenol 3 all day yesterday and today... nothing, not even regular tylenol! I'm a healing machine!

Hold on... I feel a rant coming on...

Anti-Smoking laws

I hate this new TO bylaws that bans smoking in restaurants, bars, bingo halls, strip clubs etc. Not because I love smokers, obviously if they can smoke next to me with impunity, thats wrong, because it does me harm, and no-one has the right to do me harm without my consent. However, if i choose to operate a business, it is, in my opinion, my right to allow smoking in my establishment. You, as someone who does not want to be exposed toi second hame smoke, have the choice of whether or not to frequent my establishment, should you choose to enter my private property, you are giving consent to have your lungs filled with second hand smoke. If this causes my business to potnetially go under from lack of patronage, I can either change to a smoke free environment or persih. I will not, however, have the government perscribe to me under what circumstances i may operate my business. If you want a beer, but dont want to see naked women, dont go to a strip club for a beer. If you want a beer and you dont want to breath smoke, don't come to my smoker's lounge!

So there you have it.

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